• Alright

    By Y0urM0th3r
    I am a big JT fan, but i like the older JT better. I feel he is straying too far from what made him famous. There are a few songs that are good but overall this albulm is decent. I feel he could do better.
  • No Prejudgments

    By LindsayMM22585
    Unlike a majority of the reviews on here, I actually purchased and listen to the ENTIRE album before rating & leaving this review. I am not basing this off just one song, but off them all after listening to the album a few times through. This is a great album! It’s fresh and different. It’s just positive and makes you feel good when you listen to it. With great beats, rhythms, and melodies, I just love it!
  • Let him grow

    By Steffic2
    Okay so the songs are not all great. Like all of us he is changng with time and experiences. I applaud his ability to stretch himself
  • Edgy, risk taking album

    By B_08
    JT will go down as one of the most talented artist of our time. He has pushed music forward and continue to set trends.
  • 1 star for Alicia Keys, no stars for JT

    By yengkangvang
    The only star in this review belongs to Alicia Keys. This album sounds like a Pharrell Williams album sung by JT. And it just doesn’t work.
  • JT is a family man

    By AG2329
    Love it. Eclectic. Different. Easy listening with a few small throwbacks.
  • wow

    By AnonymousCriter
  • Love this album!!

    By PatMeOnTheBack
    It’s fantastic! Every song!!
  • Favorite Album

    By rerep
    I’m in love with this album! The harmonies, melodies, vocal layering...outstanding!!
  • Really disappointed.

    By Hesitantlegolas
    Awful. He can do much better.

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