• Incredible!

    By BrookeChristine
    Should have said this earlier but... I have no words for this girl. She’s THAT talented. She always leaves me speechless! I have to say this is my favorite album out of all of her albums so far. Keep creating, Lindsey!!! I am super stoked for more music to come! :)
  • Wow!

    By KawaiiPotato03
    I don’t even have enough words to describe how awesomely creative and talented Lindsey Sterling is! She is truly amazing♥️♥️also the people that are are singing the songs.....MASTERPIECE!!
  • Seriously Amazing-A work of true art

    By Stirlingitekitty
    Every once in a while you’ll see something unique, but Lindsey combines some of the most different musical elements- dubstep, electronic, and classical- to create something so sheerly unique and beautiful that she was able to make her music her life. People pushed her away for the same reason others absolutely adore her- she’s different. I never ever want to listen to another artist again!:) Jk as long and Lindsey’s there somewhere! I love how she’s able to collaborate with other artists and still receive the spotlight in her songs. Also how she comes from a humble background and tries to understand and meet her fans- unlike most other artists who honestly don’t care about the people behind their success. Lindsey is truly unique and has created an amazing community of Stirlingites who know what it means to support each other to the end. I hope she knows that we will support her forever and ever!!!:):):):):) I love this album and the tour especially because of all the love and effort she put in it. She was grieving for her best friend and still she wrote the album and planned the tour and learned all the dance steps. She’s truly one of a kind!! Thank You Lindsey Stirling for all you do for us!!!
  • Awesome

    By lds 🙂
    Hold My Heart, Mirage , Prism r my faves
  • 😴😴😴

    By Dlong00
    Sorry but I’m not feeling this album...
  • Love it

    By Manda2444
    I love Lindsey stirling always. Her music is brilliant and the violin is awesome. I play the violin and she's an inspiration. I love to dance to her music and I hope I can be as good a player as her someday.
  • Painfully beautiful

    By dmpyron
    Lindsey's music always provokes strong emotions in me. This album is no exception. It seems like each song is tailored for a very specific feeling. But everything has an energy that drains me by the end. Full disclosure. I received the signed CD, signed vinyl and download as a patron so I have more than a little affection for her work.
  • Love love love!!!

    By Mollymc09
    I love this album!!!!!!
  • Lost Girls 🤗

    By Samdelok
    Lost girls is my favorite good job Lindsey! Perfecto!
  • ❤️❤️❤️

    By Eddie Gimeno